get Cute photos in matching robes, pajamas, etc..

Get ready in style! Wearing matching robes, pajamas, etc...will make everyone look great for getting ready photos, plus it's something your bridesmaids can use after the wedding.

First look

A first look isn't just for you and your soon to be spouse, do one with your bridesmaids as well! Have all your bridesmaids step out of the room while you get into your dress with your mom and/or maid of honor. Your girl squad will love this!

say a Prayer

Not necessarily for everyone but this can be a very special moment for your bridesmaids to pray for you and your future spouse.

champagne pop

Shake that bubbly! If you have the space to do this without getting champagne everywhere, why not? You can also use sparkling juice if you prefer a non-alcoholic option.