So you just got engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!

This is such an exciting time in your life, and there's obviously lots to do now! Here are 6 things to do right after you get engaged.

1. Enjoy the moment and celebrate!

Before you start wedding planning and vendor hunting, take a moment to just enjoy that newly engaged feeling. Spend lots of time with your new fiancé, show off your ring to all your friends and family, and maybe plan an engagement party if you like.

2. sit down with your fiancé and Set a budget

Unless you have money coming out the wazoo, you should probably set a budget before you do anything else. Prioritize your vendors from most to least important, and set a budget for each one. Don't forget things like bridal party gifts, invitations, and other items you don't normally think of first.

3. Book your most important vendor and set a date

Typically, most couples choose to book their venue first and pick a date based on the venue's availability. But if you have a photographer or videographer you REALLY want, choose your date based on their availability and book your venue second. Keep in mind your photographer may have additional travel fees, so make sure you're on the same page with them if you have not stuck to a specific location. Some couples also choose to hire a planner to help with all this!

4. start booking your other vendors

Great! You now have a date set. If you booked your venue first, now's the time to start booking your other vendors. Especially now, vendors calendars are filling up quick due to postponements. I suggest booking sooner rather than later for your high priority vendors. Your photographer and/or videographer should be the next vendor you book. Then (in no particular order) your caterer, DJ, florist, hair/makup artist, and any other vendors you plan on booking.

5. Schedule your engagement session

Now that you've got your photographer booked, it's time to schedule your engagement session! I suggest doing your engagement session shortly after you book your photographer, unless you're waiting for another season to come around. Doing your engagement session in a completely different season than your wedding, will give you some great variety in your photos. Whenever you choose to schedule it, make sure you do so before you need to send out your save the dates, if you plan on using your engagement session images in them.

6. don't worry about the future

In these uncertain times, you never know what the world is going to be like by the time your wedding date rolls around. It's obvious that certain things aren't going away for quite some time. Even if there are still restrictions in place on your wedding day, I highly suggest to get married anyway even if you have to downsize your guest list or switch to an elopement. You could postpone to the next year, but there's no guarantee it'll be any different. The most important thing should be that you are marrying the love of your life! Don't postpone that. You never know what might happen in the future, marry your person!

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